What Vegetables Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

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Our blood pressure changes constantly throughout the day.  It may go up after lunch and it to be low when you wake up.  It really varies, but if you notice your blood pressure remaining high then you are determine to have hypertension.  The food you put in your mouth can determine your blood pressure.  Some foods you should avoid and, of course, some foods are beneficial to lower hypertension.  

Before this article list and describe what vegetables help lower blood pressure, let understand this disease first.   

Basic Understanding of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
is another name for hypertension.  It is common for adults as they increase in age.  About one in four people in United States are diagnosed with hypertension from the age of 20-74.  

How blood pressure read and determine?
Blood pressure has two values: the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure.  The systolic pressure is determined when the heart contracts during the highest pressure in the arteries.  The diastolic pressure is determined at the lowest pressure before the heart contracts.  Patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure when the systolic pressure is read above 140 and the diastolic pressure is read above 90 (140/90).  

Hypertension puts stress in our body, so any changes in our blood pressure cause our body desire to return to homeostasis.  Our body likes consistency.  Anything that is out of the norm causes it to make adjustment in order to return back to normal.  Our body will adjust the diameter of the arteries, amount of blood pump by the heart, and blood volume in the bloodstream.  

What factors contribute to hypertension?
No one knows the cause of hypertension; however, our lifestyle can affect our blood pressure.  Factors that contribute to hypertensions are smoking, salty food, inheritance, overweight, and sedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise).  

Hypertension is known to be a “silent killer.”  The disease will display no symptoms until you get a physical exam or see your doctor for other reasons.  If you go untreated, high blood pressure can begin to damage your heart, kidneys, eyes, and brain.  This is when you start to feel headaches, vision problems, nausea, and vomiting.  

What Vegetables Help Lower High Blood Pressure?
As it is mention above, the food really contribute to your blood pressure.  It becomes very important to watch what you eat and know what food to eat to maintain normal range for your blood pressure.  

Doctor will determine you having hypertension if your blood pressure reads 140/90 on three separate assessments.  The change of our blood pressure causes our body to compensate itself to return to healthy blood pressure.  

It is always recommended by physicians to eat high concentration of vegetables in your daily diet.   It helps you to lose weight and keep you healthy.  Studies have found that these vegetables are natural agents to lower your high blood pressure and make your heart healthy.  Studies have proven these foods lower are garlic, onions, shallots, chives, leeks, oats, olives, nuts, and green tea.

Talk to your doctors to draw a plan to lower your high blood pressure the natural way.  Ask about food to eat so you lower your blood pressure the natural way.  It is either with the kind of food or exercise plan you should follow.

Natural Remedies provides natural remedies, herbal remedies, and homeopathic for your common ailments.  It gives you an opportunity to look at food and nutrition as a natural remedy to help you heal your body instead of taking over-the-counter drugs.  Food is God gven gift to humans.  So, the website will look at alternative ways to treat our common ailments and heal our body by using food and nutrition.

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