Omron Hem Blood Pressure Monitor – Secrets Revealed

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is widely used at home and in the healthcare industry world-wide. One of the more important features of Omron hem blood pressure monitors is the fact that they consistently provide accurate readings. This is why every Omron blood pressure model has been tested, thoroughly examined and known to satisfy the all important safety and accuracy standards set by independent bodies around the world.

There are various models of Omron automatic blood pressure monitor models on the market today. These models include: BP710, HEM-712C, HEM-711AC, HEM-711DLX, HEM-780 and HEM-790IT. These models of pressure monitors are affordable, accurate, simple to use, and the pressure cuffs inflates instantly at the push of a button.

Other models of Omron monitors is the wrist blood pressure monitors. They are also affordable, accurate and simple to use. These include models HEM-629, HEM-650 and HEM-670IT

Crucial features of Omron hem blood pressure monitors include:

1. Automatic cuff inflation and deflation which eliminates the need to predetermine inflation level setting

2. An “Average Mode” that measures up to three readings and averages the total, for a more accurate measurement

3. Your favorite choice of arm cuff circumferences with four omron blood pressure cuff sizes included: small, medium, large and extra-large

4. Reliable power supply through included AC adapter or rechargeable battery pack

5. Five-Year warranty

Omron hem blood pressure monitors are independently validated for proven accuracy and reliability.

What Exactly Is High Blood Pressure?

In simple terms, blood pressure is the force or pressure that is being applied on the walls of your veins and arteries when blood is flowing down them. Systolic is the pressure brought to bear as your heart contracts and this is read as blood is pumped through your veins. A recording of 120 mm Hg or less is known as normal. Diastolic is the pressure used when your heart relaxes in between heartbeats in the arteries and a recording of 80 mm Hg or less is seen as normal.

According to American Heart Association, blood presure measurement should normally be 120/80 mm Hg or less for an adult. Measured blood pressure that’s between 120-139/80-89 should be considered prehypertension and any reading of 140/90 mm Hg or higher, should be considered high (hypertension).

Why It’s Important For You To Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home

Quite a lot of healthcare practitioners have strongly recommended measuring blood pressure at home. Checking blood pressure at home is perhaps one of the best methods of keeping an eye on a person’s well-being at home. It has been documented in some people that their BP rises above normal levels when it is recorded in a doctor’s office or hospital.

This condition is referred to as white coat hypertension and it is medical opinion that one out of every five people live with this condition. If a patient is suspected of having this medical condition, the doctor may advise them to have their blood pressure monitored somewhere away from the hospital. Home blood pressure monitoring provides valuable information to the doctor and help them tremendously in treating individuals correctly.

How To Compare The Reading You Get On Your Monitor At Home With Your Doctor’s

When using your omron blood pressure monitor at home, the measurements you get may be lower because of the fact that you are in your home setting.

If you would like to compare your own readings at home with your doctor’s, take your own reading first with your Omron blood pressure monitor. Then measure your BP with the unit used in your doctor’s office. It is necessary to use your digital blood pressure monitor first because of the different methods used in the blood pressure devices.

The Omron portable blood pressure monitor measures the pumping of blood through your arteries and changes the vibration of the movement to a digital reading. This technique is referred to as the Oscillometric method.

Your doctor will usually use a stethoscope and gauge. This is referred to as the Ascultation method. The artery is normally constricted during blood pressure measurement. Keeping the artery squeezed (and not letting it return to its usual condition when blood is flowing through it normally) before you take your measurement may cause incorrect measurement values when using the automatic digital blood pressure monitor.

What Is The Right Size Of Cuff To Use At Home?

It is of great importance to use the right size of cuff for your arm to get accurate results when using your blood pressure monitor. In order to determine the right cuff size, you need to measure the circumference of your arm. You should also keep measuring your arm size from time to time as this is necessary if you have a borderline arm size, or may have gained or lost weight.

Measure the size of your arm. Be sure the you are using with your monitor is the perfect size for you. When the wrong size of cuff is used you may get a wrong reading at the first reading you take or after a short period of use because the cuff bladder will be damaged.

In order to determine what your arm size is, use a cloth tape measure and place it midway between your elbow and your shoulder around the circumference of your upper arm. Wrap the tape around your upper arm, but be careful not to pull it too tight, then record the measurement.
These are examples of cuff sizes as released by the manufacturers:

1. D-Ring Cuff Sizing:

a.) Small Adult Cuff – fits arm sizes from 7.0 to 9.0 inches.
b.) Standard Adult Cuff – works for arm sizes from 9.0 to 13.0 inches.
c.) Large Adult Cuff – fits arm sizes from 13.0 to 17.0 inches

2. Comfit Cuff Sizing:

The Comfit cuff is made-to-measure to be used with arms from 9.0 to 17.0 inches.

All you’ve got to do now is to choose the right cuff size for you according to your arm’s measured size.

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