How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally And Quickly

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High Blood Pressure is one of the most preventable conditions in existence yet it contributes to a large amount of deaths in the world.  Although it increases the chances of heart attacks and strokes not to mention aneurism, cognitive decline and kidney failure, it does not have much prior symptoms.  As a result, many people suffer from high blood pressure without even realizing it.  However, if high blood pressure is detected then people don’t necessarily have to depend on medications to stay healthy as there are various ways to lower blood pressure naturally.  In order to do this, the first goal is to restore a healthy body weight, and then apply the strategies discussed here.

Potassium can help reduce blood pressure naturally, so load up on foods such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, bananas and dried fruits.  Not only will they help to lower your blood pressure, they are also healthy for you.  Aim for about 2,000 to 4,000 mg of potassium a day for effective results.  Certain patients with high blood pressure tend to be sodium sensitive. Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no way of telling whether or not a person is sodium sensitive, so everyone should lower their sodium intake. Most processed foods have a high amount of sodium, so watch the food labels or avoid processed foods altogether.

Different Strategies To Help Reduce Blood Pressure

  • Exercise allows the heart to use oxygen more efficiently; it does not have to be anything extreme, a simple power walk for 30 minutes a day at most should do the trick. Studies have shown that this strategy lowers blood pressure by almost 8 mmhg over 6 mmhg (millimeters of mercury).
  • Something as simple as slow breathing and meditative techniques such as tai chi and yoga have been shown to decrease stress hormones that contributes to raising blood pressure. Practicing slow breathing for five minutes twice a day in the morning and at night should help.
  • Believe it or not dark chocolate has been known to lower high blood pressure.  This is due to the flavanols dark chocolate contains, which makes the blood vessel more elastic. Take ½ ounce of it every day and make sure that it’s at least 70% cocoa.
  • The consumption of tea may help lower blood pressure naturally. Many herbal teas contain phytochemicals and it is believe by researchers that this chemical compound found in tea may help reduce high blood pressure.  Studies show that sipping 3 cups of tea a day can lower blood pressure by 7 points in just 6 weeks on average.
  • Studies show that working longer than 41 hours a week increases the risk of hypertension by 15%.  Working overtime not only increases the level of stress that can lead to high blood pressure, it makes it merely impossible to maintain a healthy regimen of proper eating habits and exercise.
  • Something as simple as listening to music can help lower the blood pressure naturally. A study was conducted where subjects had to listen to soothing music 30 minutes a day while breathing slowly and in a month their blood pressure had decreased by 4.4 points.

There are supplements that you can introduce to your diet that can help reduce blood pressure, such as mangosteen. The active compound in mangosteen is xanthones, which have anti-microbial properties and also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Xanthones can help prevent high blood pressure from worsening by decreasing inflammation in the body and strengthen blood vessel walls.  Many people believe that the only way to treat high blood pressure is through medications, but the truth is that by adding mangosteen to your diet and following the above strategies you’ll be able to keep your blood pressure under control and prevent any serious problems such as strokes and heart attacks. specializes in mangosteen, acai, and Himalayan crystal salt. We offer a high-end product for a low-end price.  There’s never any risk of losing your money.  If you don’t like the product you can return it for a full refund! Take control of your health today and visit

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