High Blood Pressure Medication and Erectile Dysfunction – How Are They Linked?

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High blood pressure sometimes is inevitable. This is brought about by several factors and one of these is heredity in which we cannot run away with it. When we were still young, sometimes we are used to different vices such as alcohol and smoking, not knowing that in the near future we would suffer its effect such as hypertension.

We usually eat foods that we really like in order to enrich our appetite but we are unaware that some of these foods are high in cholesterol and salt that may also result to higher blood pressure. If we suffer certain abnormalities within our health and body, we usually aid it using medicines. But there are certain medications that have risks and may cause adverse effects.

High blood pressure medication and erectile dysfunction are usually connected.

Men are commonly affected by it because they are the one who are most likely to use cigarette and take alcohols. Hypertension medication and erectile dysfunction are the two things that usually common if a man is suffering from hypertension. There are certain medications that cause certain adverse effects.

But the most alarming among men is erectile dysfunction especially if they have undergone this condition when they are still at the age of 30 to 40 years old.

Hypertension medications include beta blockers, diuretics, ACE inhibitor, calcium channel blockers, ARBS and vasodilators. High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction are linked to each other especially when we talk about hypertension. Diuretics are given to sufferers in order to excrete excess salt, thus preventing increase stagnation of water in the blood vessels causing increased pressure. Example of this medication is hydroclorothiazide. Diuretics decrease the blood flow into the penis.

This can also decrease amount of zinc that is needed to make testosterone, therefore causing erectile dysfunction. Beta blockers are also one of the medications that slow the heart beat so blood passes to the blood vessels with less force and lowers blood pressure. But it also reduces the response of nerve impulses that may lead to erection. It also prevents the arteries within the penis to widen and so blood makes it difficult to enter.

Taking care of our health actually depends on us. We must maintain having good health so that high blood pressure medications and erectile dysfunction can not disturb our normal way of living.

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What are the Most Effective Remedies for High Blood Pressure?

An ever increasing problem in today’s world is the obesity rate as well as lack of exercise which is leading to an increase in high blood pressure. Simple lifestyle changes and diet improvements are often the best course to reverse this serious health problem. Here we will discuss some remedies that can lower your blood pressure.

A really good remedy for high blood pressure is exercise. Plenty of people spend lots of time sitting around and this can lead to lots of problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. You need to ask your doctor for his or her opinion before you begin an exercise routine and you need to be sure to start slowly, especially if you are new to exercising and working out. It’s possible to begin at any level, and you can begin with something as simple as taking daily walks. The actual exercise you do is not nearly as important as how consistent you are about doing it. Regular exercise is one of the best ways that you can lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health naturally.

Exercises that are designed to deepen your breathing and reduce stress, such as yoga or qi gong, may help you reduce your high blood pressure. Simply taking a meditation class, especially one that focuses on your breathing, or learning how to breathe properly from a teacher, DVD or online program can make a big difference, as the amount of oxygen you take in is important for your general health and for keeping your blood pressure and a healthy level. Yoga can teach you breathing techniques as well as more vigorous forms can help you loose weight. Exercises or practices, regardless of what they are as long as they help you relax, can be helpful to lower your blood pressure.

Garlic is a known remedy for high blood pressure, and it can be taken in many forms. Eating whole cloves of garlic may be the easiest method for ingesting garlic, however, many people shy away from this. Aside from giving you bad breath, raw garlic has a very strong taste. Fortunately, you can find many good garlic supplements that give you the benefits of garlic and hardly and garlic taste. While taking garlic does not usually have any side effects, one caution is that if you are taking any prescribed drugs, especially blood thinners, you should ask your doctor before taking garlic. Natural remedies have many benefits, and garlic has a natural impact on high blood pressure.

To sum up, it is always a good idea to regularly check your blood pressure and to seek medical advice if it is too high. However, in many cases, hypertension can be effectively controlled using a variety of natural remedies and making certain changes in your daily habits. This article has examined some of the proven ways of treating high blood pressure and, sometimes, combining a few of these methods with changes in diet and exercise can be quite effective in helping you with your problem.

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