Could Acupuncture Lower Your Blood Pressure Readings?

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If you suffer from high blood pressure then you’ll know how dependent you can become on modern medicine. There are dozens of different drugs that your doctor can use to lower your levels – all aiming for the perfect BP numbers and a lower risk of stroke or heart attack. But modern medicines often bring side effects with them and more and more people are turning away from conventional approaches and towards a more natural way of doing things.

You can now buy herbal remedies for treatment, invest in relaxation MP3’s and even purchase your very own breathing and biofeedback machine. But do they work? Will they actually lead to better health and make your blood pressure treatment more pleasant and beneficial?

Acupuncture has a basis in ancient Chinese medicine but western doctors and scientists have looked at it closely over more recent years and have begun to understand just a little of how it might work to improve health. They’ve discovered that putting needles into certain areas of the body – usually called acupuncture points – causes a release of hormones and chemicals. Some of these chemicals act on nearby nerves, some act on the brain by entering the blood stream – but crucially, some of them seem to act locally on small blood vessels in the surrounding skin and tissues.The end result is that the blood vessels open up a little or dilate – triggering the flushing feeling and warmth that some of us experience if we have acupuncture treatments performed.

Now – stay with me on this because it’s not too hard to understand….

Blood pressure is a measurement of how hard the heart needs to pump to shove the blood around your body. A high pressure means that the vessels are narrow and resistant to the flow – a lower pressure means that there is less resistance and that it’s easier for the heart to pump. So, if the arteries, veins and capillaries open up a little due to acupuncture then the blood can flow more freely and the pressure will drop.

Acupuncturists will deliberately choose certain points because they know that they can achieve the best results that way – and some will even use powerful points on the ear to trigger a significant BP level drop.

I’m a great advocate of natural blood pressure remedies – but with one firm proviso. You need to be certain that you are going in the right direction with it. There’s no point in just blindly following one guru’s ideas or slavishly taking one particular herbal remedy, if you can’t be certain that it’s having the desired effect. Just leaving things to chance is not an option because you could end up with higher levels and worse problems than you started with.

The only real way to keep on top of things properly is to buy a blood pressure monitor. The choice can seem confusing with all sorts of options built in to some of the devices – but in truth all you need is a simple inexpensive model. It’s not hard to learn how to use it properly and you’ll soon have the knack of keeping a regular diary of your BP results. This is how you keep yourself safe. Once you’ve learned to record your own readings then you can run a whole series of little experiments about what works well for you.

I always advise people to start with a week of just recording readings without trying to change anything. Find out what your own “normal levels” are. From there the first approach should be to lower your salt intake. Try a whole week with virtually no salt in your diet – fruit juices, fresh fruit and yogurt should achieve that for you. Record your levels again and see what happens and believe me, you might be very surprised at what harm salt can do to you!

Beyond that point there’s no limit to the explorations you can have as you try to suss out what works best for you. It could be a herbal remedy, it could be a breath training device, it could be regular exercise – it might be all of these things. But with your own monitor at home you’ll soon learn how to sort things out to suit your own needs. Acupuncture might even turn out to be the thing that stops you needing modern medication treatment. Don’t delay – buy yourself a monitor and get started today.

Doctor Gordon Cameron is a specialist doctor based near Edinburgh in Scotland. He has a long standing interest in the treatment of high blood pressure – partly because he suffers from it personally and partly because he sees dozens of people each week who struggle to cope with it.

High blood pressure is a huge problem for many millions of people around the world. Drug side effects are common and many turn towards a more natural type of cure. But will that approach suit you?

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Simple Remedies for Preventing And Controlling High Blood Pressure

Not only is it important to diagnose high blood pressure as early as possible but you need to make sure you do what you can to control it. Untreated, hypertension can quickly grow into more serious conditions like heart disease. There are many treatments and remedies for high blood pressure, and we’ll be exploring some of these in this article. If you have high blood pressure (or just think you do) it is imperative that you talk to your doctor.

One highly effective remedy that has also been proven as effective is the co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Luckily this compound is natural and already exists in your body. Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and other age related problems, may in fact be linked to the reality that levels of CoQ10 begin to decline as you age. Taking CoQ10 as a supplement has been shown to help lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health. The forms available to take this supplement in vary as do the strengths available. Buying these supplements from a trusted source is very important, since they only work properly if the body absorbs them. Omega-3 and other (healthy of course) fatty acids are now widely recognized as a proven method of lowering blood pressure and reducing your risk of heart disease. This is why fish oil and other healthy oils like olive, coconut, cranberry and flax are great ways to reduce blood pressure. If you want to take fish oil as a supplement you need to make sure that the fish was not swimming in polluted water and that is becoming incredibly hard to do. It is because of this that some people want to find other sources for their healthy fats but if you’re determined to use fish you should know that there are still some healthy fish oils available too. Getting enough healthy fats is a good and easy way to lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

You can lower your blood pressure by eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Even though you’ve been given lots of advice like this, be honest: how many times have you ignored it and chosen to eat lots of meat, carbs and sweets instead. Make sure to eat lots of fresh veggies, especially leafy greens like cabbage, celery and asparagus as well as fruits like mango, blueberries and pomegranate so that you can be sure to keep your blood pressure low. You can also help yourself by eating “superfruits” like noni, acai, goji and mangosteen.

Drink lots of water too. Not only will eating these things help you feel better but you’ll find that you won’t be as hungry for junk food. Fruits, vegetables and plain water are all helpful for reducing your blood pressure.

In conclusion, you should closely monitor your blood pressure levels and consult a doctor if the number gets high. However, in many cases, hypertension can be effectively controlled using a variety of natural remedies and making certain changes in your daily habits. This article has examined some of the proven ways of treating high blood pressure and, sometimes, combining a few of these methods with changes in diet and exercise can be quite effective in helping you with your problem.

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