Children With ADHD and 3 of The Most Common Symptoms.

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3 Commonly Seen ADHD Symptoms in Children

Over a million children have been affected by ADHD, also known as attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. If you are concerned your child may have ADHD, it is important to know that a child’s normal behavior is different from a child with ADHD symptoms. Many parents can start to worry unnecessarily because their child seems to have a short attention span. Having a short attention span however, is common among preschool aged children. Luckily a short attention span is not how to diagnose ADHD, instead it is on what holds their attention and their level of interest. Children with ADHD most often show the three symptoms that are below.

There are quite a few forms of behavior you should focus on if you suspect your child may have ADHD. Also, there are particular qualities to different behaviors, as well, that are important to be aware of. If a child is truly ADHD their lack of focus will pervade all areas of their life and be highly consistent. Does your child seem to ‘bounce’ from one thing to the next and then the next? Often this is construed as hyperactivity or even compulsion. For ADHD, this behavior will remain consistent for many months. If this is the case then be sure to contact your doctor. Three categories exist for ADHD symptoms. Each behavior can also be described further developing the classification. Classical ADHD condition falls into the first category of Hyperactive or the Impulsive type. Children who are Inattentive fall into the second category, which in the past has been termed ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. Finally, the third category is the combination of the two or the Combined type – inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

Some children with ADHD will engage in physically dangerous activities. The hallmark is that there seems to be no thought given to the possible consequences of the dangerous activity. Often a child with ADHD will have a hard time waiting there turn for something. Another common tendency is not waiting till a question has been fully presented prior to the child answering the question. these behaviors all exhibit a lack of patience. If you recognize more than a few ADHD symptoms in your child, and it has been chronic or present for a long period of time, then obviously you should make an appointment with your family physician.

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